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For those new to the sport of triathlon, it will be to your advantage to view this short clip from Triathlon Australia.

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Sunday 25th Feb 2024

  • What do I wear in the swim?
    Comfortable pair of bathers, goggles, race swim cap (provided by us). Wetsuit-optional.
  • Will the swim be in deep water?
    The swim will start on the sand. Most of the swim will be in water overhead depth however there will be shallower sandbars along the swim course which you will be able to stand up on.
  • I’m worried about the swim, is there lifeguards nearby, can I stop and rest?"
    This swim will be aided with the current making this distance feel shorter than 400m in the pool. Ocean Grove SLSC will be looking after water safety, they will have an IRB (boat), 2 Jetski's and 8 board paddlers nearby to assist. If you need assistance this is indicated by raising your hand. You can stop and rest at any time.
  • What clothing do I wear on the cycle & run legs
    Competitors may not compete with a bare torso or without footwear in the cycle and the run. Females may wear just their bathers, or a singlet/crop top/top if they like. Shorts & socks optional. Males may wear their bathers with a singlet/top. Shorts & socks optional.
  • Where do I place my race number?
    This year we don't have race bibs. We ask you to please write your race number on your RIGHT upper arm with black permanent marker. All competitors will receive a security band with their race number on it. This security band is required to access transition and also for security when removing your bike at the end of the event.
  • Will we be allocated a specific spot to rack our bikes?
    You will be allocated a rack to put your bike on according to your age and gender, it will not have your name or number on it. Eg. 15 - 19 males will all rack their bikes on the same length of rack. There will be signs at the front and end of each rack indicating your rack/s. There will be tape marking the racks to ensure bikes are in the right spot and evenly spread.
  • What do you put beside your bike in transition?
    Suggestions include: towel, race top/singlet, shoes, helmet, sunglasses, and a hat. Ensure your gear does not spill out into the through way between bike racks.
  • Can I wear earphones / listen to music during the race?
    Unfortunately not, this is to ensure the safety of yourself and other competitors around you. This is a Triathlon Victoria race rule. 
  • Are there any specific Triathlon rules I need to know?
    Yes, even though this event is a fun event with a large number of first timer’s, rules still apply to ensure fairness and safety. Please click on the link at the top of this page to watch the educational clip on drafting in the cycle leg.
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