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SATURDAY 24th February 2024

The carpark opposite the Barwon Heads Hotel will be closed from 5pm Saturday 24th until 12:30pm Sunday 25th.

All cars must be cleared from the carpark by 5pm.

The carpark is used for the set up of marquees and the finish line chute of the Triathlon.

Any cars still in the carpark Saturday night may be towed. 

There are NO road closures Saturday 24th 

Carpark image 2.png

SUNDAY 25th February 2024

Ewing Blythe Drive, Jetty Rd, 13th Beach Rd up until Blackrock road are CLOSED

Between 8:15am - 9:55am

* ACCESS for campers to and from the BARWON HEADS CARAVAN PARK is available with traffic marshal assistance.

   Please be aware delays of up to 15 minutes during the time period of 8:15am - 9:55am is possible. 

* A lane will be provided for the residents living on Ewing Blythe Drive to allow you to get out of your properties. 
* Bell street residents can access their property via Hitchcock Avenue.

* Vehicles parked in Jetty Rd and in the 'At The Heads' restaurant carpark will be unable to collect their vehicles between 8:15am - 9:55am Sunday 25th.

* Vehicles parked in the carparks along 13th Beach Rd will be unable to move their cars between 8:15am - 9:55am. 

We appreciate your patience, we will be re-open the roads to traffic as quickly as possible to minimise any inconvenience.


Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us via email at or by phone 0401 160 236.


We apologize for any inconvenience we may cause and look forward to your continued support of our event.

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